Sunday, February 03, 2008

Madame February 2008 - Geisha-Couture - Ph: Jonas Unger

Model: Jennifer Pugh


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Anonymous said...

Greetings heli ! Guten Tag heli !;)

Of late, I noticed a few very high quality posts on a particular fashion board(fashnspt;)) which i wont fully mention here i guess..
i'm from germany as well and I'm absolutely looking forward to each new post of your.. the main reason for this is that you were like the first person on fashionspt that discovered the new model with the name 'raquel nave' , i've been a great fan of mrs nave since her first cover shot for the indie magazine which i found excellent and lovely, i'm facinated by this girl and you seem to be a perfect source for new imagery of hers.. ;)

So i asked myself if it's possible to somehow get in contact with you, i tried searching for an email addy at your site but wasn't able to make a find. And i'm also not registered at fashionspt so it's impossible for me (i think) to send you any msges on the board..

it would be extremely neat whether you could maybe just respond to this post here and give me any infos you're willing to give out.

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with regards, sv

btw, i'm male, 27, just in case you wonder if i'm girl or bloke/boy. ;D cheers

hope to hear from you somehow.

au revoir et à bientôt

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